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Leslie Rose

With no research training, what do you propose students will be doing in their summer jobs after the first year? Law firms no longer have the resources to train students (or new attorneys) and have expressed their lack of interest in doing so.

Derek Tokaz

It's not as much research training, not zero research training.

The professional responsibility segment would involve a great deal of research, about the same as a typical lawyering class, but focusing on professional responsibility, rather than a mixed bag of research topics. Also, the earlier segments, where you learn how to form arguments, isn't exactly useless in a law firm setting.

Current lawyering classes (assuming mine wasn't too far from the norm) focus on skills that a first summer student won't be using, such as oral arguments, mediation, negotiation, witness questioning, and client counseling.

The professional responsibility segment of the LEPR class would have enough opportunity to teach students how to use Lexis and West, and how to structure a memo or brief.

You are right that firms (and clients) are less willing to train students. But, that makes this plan even better. Your second summer job is far more important than first summer. With this plan, you're getting most of your skills training in the second year, when you're better able to learn from the class (less stress=more focus), and without a year to forget what you've learned.


"With no research training, what do you propose students will be doing in their summer jobs after the first year?"

Are you kidding? You call the westlaw course + two hours of instruction on researching cases "training?"

First of all, Paralegals learn that level of research ability their first day on the job. Students too are writing memos two weeks into the start of their first year.

Second of all the entirety of law school is of no value to firms. I don't hear law firms saying, "Wow I'm glad law school taught these kids so we don't have to." They have to train their associates from scratch.

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Current lawyering classes (assuming mine wasn't too far from the norm) focus on skills that a first summer student won't be using, such as oral arguments, mediation, negotiation, witness questioning, and client counseling.


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Georgetown is currently ofrnfieg some sort of alternative cirriculum in which a great deal of time is spent on legal theory, learning about crits and realists and formalist and whatnot. Obviously I don't go to Georgetown, or I could give you some real information about it.I think it's a little odd, though, that you're proposing to both delay the substantive courss and shorten the program. When will any learning get done?


And your second point is aeddrssed at my school; all my classes have student TA's, and although the quality certainly varies, most are quite helpful. My torts TAs are *excellent*. They hold regular office hours, review sessions, and have helped with practice exams as well.


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Patricia . Strunk

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