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Mrs. Monica Roland

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They are great. They represent the ampttets to keep up with the increasing demand for physicians. We need you all!!! Caribbean med schools are cool. It just depends on what your goals are. You can do A LOT with a degree from a Caribbean med school.Sean


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Mohamad Bin

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If your going to take out a HELOC, I'd do it on just the amount nedeed to repair your house. If you put your credit card (unsecured debt) into a loan that's secured with your house, you're putting your home in jeopary if something were to happen (illness, loss of job) and you couldn't make the payments. Try rolling over the credit card debt to a card with a introductory 0% interest rate or just call your credit card company and see if they can give you a better rate than you've got now.


That is a great question! You can build ciedrt through secured installment loans (usually through ciedrt unions). Try to steer clear from finance companies. They are a higher risk and usually charge higher rates. The best way to build ciedrt, however, is through secured ciedrt cards or secured installment loans. Revolving ciedrt (credit cards) have a very high impact to what your ciedrt score is, because it takes more responsibility to handle ciedrt cards (i.e. fluctuating balances, payments, rates). If you are attempting to purchase a house in the future, you will need to establish at least 3 accounts on your ciedrt report and pay on them for at least 12 months. The mortgage guidelines are very strict now. Make sure that you pay your cards off each month and DO NOT have any 30 day late payments. You can go to for more information on secured ciedrt cards. Also you can go to to get additional information on building ciedrt.


The problem is crnaiteg an archetype of what "boys" are like vs what "girls" are like. Doesn't that play into socio/genetic misconceptions?Men, which is the foundation of what boys might become is the judgement of how to "play to boys, rather than girls" and it shows that some have an idea of men as cro-magnun idiots, obsessed with using animal bones as weapons.If you look at the things that identify "great" men, hell even "good" men, hell, even "decent men" it is the fact that men are expected to find an answer within a chaotic environment, prior to the defining the cause. "Manhood" is a decisive thing, there can be input and interaction, and conference, and correction, but immediately, there is a necessity for "decision."So a School described in those articles is actually anti-thetical to manhood, because it is built on the premise that noone would have made a decision. If it catered to Men, it would be a school of decisions, repercussions, and rewards, and derision.A school built to favor "boys" who are exptected to become men, would be MUCH more strict, MUCH more dominant, and ONLY rewarding of defiance, if that defiance is well described, and explained.A school for girls, from the feminized students perspective :"You are wrong, because the answer is unfair!" then the student is allowed to "feel out" their statements. Without any real truth. A Feminized educational system, allows students to question the value of mass and inertia, because it favors men, when it comes to physical strength.A "Boys school" student would say : How is hydrogen equal to Uranium, when Uranium is more than 300 times as heavy per molar mass, highly reactive without external interferrance, and contains 230+ more atoms? how does that work?The feminization of education isn't about the subdugation of male instincts (which I guess consist of violence, bloodshed, and kicking a ball, without having to answer to anyone)it's about the complete lack of accountability for educational standards.Example. Your hubby, ROCKS! and is a lawyer. Betty broderick. Woman, commited cold blooded murder, but there was nuance.Hell watch lifetime one weekend, and you will see that women are rarely held accountable, because of "nuance."I'm not saying that women are weaker, or ALWAYS get a better shake, but men? Don't even expect a meeting, let alone a shake. Men are much . . . more. . . .I would say "complete" and I don't mean that as better, but rather as. . . ."all or nothing" If a man takes a risk? hand? meet the ass, cuz it's about to be given to you. Women? lets find nuance.Absent HARD science, absent strict rules, and absent the honest effort of teachers to share knowledge, rather than personal arrogance, young boys, who are rebellious (which is praised, in fact graded in many universities) do poorly in public schools? Sorry, this whole review just pisses me off.(and this time I didn't bring a shovel, If I'm in a hole, someone else dug it for their own convenience.)


a lot of education now isnt, tacnhieg critical thought, or having opinions, its more a case of parrot fashion repeating facts. facts are good, but without the intelligence to work out the reality with the facts, then what good is education.more kids are going out of school not able to read or write, how is that better for anyone.i went to an all boys catholic school in the 80's, so i experienced it, there was more sports because sports are a way to get rid of aggressions, but thats not all they did, they taught thinking, education was worth something then, now its more a feel good, follow your feelings rather than critical thought. i had a well rounded education, i can build stuff woodwork, i can program computers, i can understand french and german roughly, i can do high end maths, i can write stories, now the education is not like that, its social studies, its fit in, become a yay sayer, theres no thoughts in education now, and no respect for themselves or others. i astound kids of today because i can do so much more, this is the UK, and i have astounded some of the people in america (my fiance lives there) because i can argue and put together a point of view regardless of my personal beleif.


No, it isn't illegal. Though it relaly should be illegal to even have ONE. Those things are viciously predatory and exploitive. There used to be usury laws to prevent that kind of loan sharking. Don't know what happened to those.And yes, you can (and should) place that debt on your consolidation plan if you are consolidating.


Heh buy the house. If only I could have told myself that 6 motnhs ago. We opted to pay down the student loan, then when news of the $8000 credit came up, we knew we wanted to buy a house soon, and now we don't have the money for a down payment that we could have had. So if you can get the down payment together, get the house.


Do not use debt consolidators. They are daibtrgs and it will appear on your credit report anyway. You will land up paying them to do something you can do yourself. The money you pay them could be better used to pay down your debt.First of all you have to get organized. You have to have a good game plan to attack your debt. More on that in a minute. You need to stop using credit cards and all consumer debt. You can not get out of the debt hole if you keep digging it deeper by using credit cards every month. Stop using them now and cut them up. Use cash or debit for everything from now on. If you can't pay cash, you can't afford it. Period.Please read a bood called the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. My wife and I read it 6 months ago and, WOW, were we stupid with our money. This book will help shed light on the real consequences of using consumer debt and what it does to your personal finances. It will show you how to get organized, set up a budget, set up emergency funds, pay off debt, save for kids college, invest and many other things. We thought this was strange at first, but let me tell you is is really great. We have made a 5 figure change in our debt load in that short amount of time by getting organized and attacking the debt. The thing is to do a budget and stick to it this month and every month. The budget shows where your money goes and where it is leaking out of your wallet/purse. Once you get mad enough at yourself and your debt situation, you will be able to make the change in attitude real ease. You will stop losing money buying useless crap you do not need. You need food, gas, shelter, and the like. You do not need to eat at a restaurant, go to the bar, buy another DVD, video game, shoes, clothes, etc. Once you start saying no to yourself, you can really start winning and getting out of debt. Just this morning I finished my spending plan for the month of May. May is in the books and we paid off another big old wad of debt. It is cool to see the monthly balances coming down quick. The key is to get responsible and become an adult. Time to grow up and do smart things with the cash. You must be honest with yourself and look in the mirror. This biggest cause of most peoples financial troubles are right in the mirror. Ours was.Read the book and get on a debt reduction plan. This is a good plan. Nothing great was ever built without a good plan. This is the most important thing you can do in your entire life. Get yourself set up financially for a solid future.My wife and I can not talk highly enough about this plan. I hope it works for you as well as it has for us.Forget the debt CON solidators or any of these guys. You are smart enough to do this yourself. It takes discipline and character. It takes growing up and acting responsibly. It takes saying no. It takes using cash. It takes a budget. It takes not going out to bars/ restaurants/ movies/ vacations. etc.You won't get your budget right the first month. Nobody does. Keep at it. Once you get good at it, you will see your balances dropping like a rock. You only have 11k in debt. You can work through it.Good LuckI wish you all the best


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You are dreaming hun. There are some loans you might look into, but they are not what you dcresibed you can look into a first time home buyer loan if this is your first home and also a FHA (federal housing authority) loan. The FHAs are not too popular because they require a lot of things be done to the home before they will approve the loan. It does not cost you anything to talk to a real estate agent and they can give you the best answers about home loans (its their business afterall) and where you can go to find out about them. Good luck. Angelee

payday advance

Federal loans do not have to worry about credit ratings since the ranking is not involved in one of the certification requirements. However, if a college pupil has previously dedicated illegal performs like crime expenses, he or she will be instantly ineligible for college pupil economical help despite of any economical reasons. As funds from the govt are relocated to govt financial loan taking part educational institutions, the institutions become companies and make final choices about individuals.


Thanks for taking inestert in seeing my video, you can also have a look at our another video for Loan Repayment Titled Worried you may lose your home for loan repayment? Thanks.


Sallie Mae hurts, they had my husbands socail security number wrong and we were putting it into in school deferment because he was in another school with a different school loan system and it took them 8 months of the school advisor sending them fax after fax of his true socail security card etc to get it straightened out and we went to collections but they had to back track it too. Try to put it into deferment to catch it up or even forbearance for now to go into in school deferment. By law they have to if you are a student or are going to be a student again soon. That will help. Also, do yourself a favor and try to do what it takes to pay that one off! It will be a huge relief when you do, plus when you have it caught up and six months of on time payments you can ask them to lower the interest rate just like a card.


The prsceos can be The prsceos can be hard. My law firm helps vets & spouses apply for the aid & attendance pension which is the ONLY VA pension we handle. The A&A pension is designed to cover in-home care, nursing home or isted living care. Call us if you are having problems or want information. No charge for telephone consultation. Jim Underhill, Underhill Law Firm 800-465-1266. We never charge Vets or spouses anything for filing. We are VA Accredited. Jim Underhill (MAJ,USARRet.)WE DO NOT ENDORSE ANY VIDEO.


Your just noticing this now? If you didnt ntoice expression and tone of voice plays no part in online chatting. (Unless you use a mic which we arnt)My point is, even though primus sucks is primus' (old) slogan, its primus that sucks not les. Les sucks has never been a slogan.


True but, unless I am tnriyg to start a flame war. I think it is safe to say that sarcasm was intended.Though the old slogan of Primus was we suck , I would assume that they referring to everyone in the band not just the band its self Because, that would just be silly.

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