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August 07, 2013


Carolynn MacDonald

Shon Hopwood is the epitome of a humanitarian. I chose to pipe in quickly in the event there is even a whisper, “well, jailhouse lawyers have nothing but time on their hands, no wonder he got good at reading.”

In August 2010 Shon caught wind of little ol’ me fighting tooth and nail to the SCOTUS pro se’ for my husband, William, and he called from Nebraska. William was in a homeless shelter for veterans and I was at my wit’s end. Shon and his wife, Annie took the reigns and never looked back — got pro bono help from Jacob Huebert and his fiancé Allison, and the four of them wrote the Petition for Cert… and they foot the bill!! This whole time, he was putting himself through school and had a baby on the way.

Cert was denied, but I drove 10 hours round trip to thank him — I didn’t feel like it was enough, though. Then, when round two for William came and went through the revolving door of the US District Court and habeas was dismissed, and a Cert of Appealability was denied — I took everything that Shon, et al had written and got a COA from the Fourth Circuit.

All of a sudden the 4th told me to get a lawyer and I called Greg Nevins, who called the ACLU, who called Erwin Chemerinsky and Dechert Law sent Ben Rosenberg and Joshua Hess. History is happening all around us and I give much credit to Shon and Co. – because of what they did – I won the chance to be heard.

MacDonald v. Moose, 710 F. 3d 154 – Court of Appeals, 4th Circuit 2013

"Lawman" is a good book, written by a great man!

Howard M. Romaine

Well, this is good news, about redemption, broadening the federal clerk base, and ETC.Howard M. Romaine, Attorney at Law

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