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August 06, 2013


Robert Ayala

Prayer cannot hurt one way or another and although I do not believe in organized religion I think this might be acceptable as long as all religions are given the opportunity to open with prayer consistently not just one day of the year. Sikh, Muslims, Jews, and atheists. However in the end I think some people only think prayer is good if it comes from the Christian viewpoint. My two cents,Robert Ayala

Might it not be better if Congress started its day reading from the Constitution its duties?

It seems to be lost on them that they are to levy & collect taxes, pay debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare.

They seem utterly clueless as to what any of this means.

While doing that they might want to read what Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Act for Establishing Religious Freedom, 1779, 1786):

"The opinions of man are not the objects for civil governments, not under its jurisdiction."

It's not the role of government to cajole as many deities as they can conjure. It was the clear intent of the founders that government have nothing to do with catering to their various opinions.

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