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August 08, 2013


t carse

unfortunately for the offending lawyer's conduct is a window into the mind of the jurist that sanctioned him. I wonder how proud he/she is to be a judge in the perjury palace?


Sounds to me like D.C. bar counsel is soft on ethics offenses! Weird to see what's starting to look like a pattern.

As for remedies - well, it looks to me like Grandson has a claim for malicious prosecution and maybe false imprisonment. Just last week, a man in NY State was awarded over $5 million in a bench trial for a wrongful conviction of murdering his wife, which cost him 12 years and custody of his children. If this revolting conduct becomes a pattern, it will naturally cause a taxpayer revolt.


This is pathetic. It is not the only grievance still pending however against a former prosecutor. There is a grievance still there against chief White House counsel Reummler because the Fifth Circuit held that she and her colleagues on the Enron Task Force including Deputy Director of the FBI Weissmann and former Acting AG Matthew Friedrich PLAINLY SUPPRESSED EVIDENCE favorable to the defense. United States v. Brown. Reummler and her team actually yellow-highlighted evidence as BRADY before the trial and then excised the exculpatory language when court-ordered to produce "summaries"--presumably accurate ones. The summaries could only have been deliberately misleading. See There is also a grievance pending before the NY Bar as to Weissmann.
The DC Bar has repeatedly failed in its own ethical responsibilities. The grievance was filed by noted legal ethics expert Bill Hodes.

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