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July 19, 2013



"anti-Amercan lefties"?!?!?! Wow! Dismissing an entire legitimate debate concerned citizens with name calling speaks volumes aboout Mr/s. Colorblindjustice.

We have the rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness along the right to PRIVACY.

The notion that all three branches of government do not have a say reflects a completely lacking or self-serving understanding of the our constitution.


Sorry, anti-American lefties. If you lay down with terrorists, you may get droned. Case closed.


May we find many more such judges who actually UNDERSTAND the three-branch structure, and the separation of powers, of our government. She is on the money when she stands firmly for our RIGHT for redress in instances when our rights under the COnstitution are trashed. Standing down the military complex is desparately needed these days. If those three men were not protected by the "Due Process" guaranteed them in our Constitution, then who IS protected, and where? There are enough "mysterious deaths" in our news these days. This one is not so mysterious, because it has been publically known for some time the precise manner and place of their deaths. Time these trigger hapy mobsters get put back into their cages before they kill us all.


The DOJ's argument is nothing more than the administration's claim that they are above the law and no one has any right to question, or interfere with their actions. Judge Collyer needs to remind them, in no uncertain terms, that they are restrained by the laws and the Constitution and may not make it up, as they go along.

The Truth

"What an amazing argument the executive branch made to the court considering that a constitutional law professor is the head of the executive branch!"

Posted by: 4thAmendmentjustice | July 19, 2013 at 06:06 PM

With all due respect (and I do appreciate your comment) President Obama is not and has never been a "Constitutional Professor". He did serve as a "Lecturer" on Constitutional Law, but was never granted professor status.

What's really amazing is that the same Legal Scholars within the Executive Branch that have decided that it is "ILLEGAL and TORTURE" to WATERBOARD terrorists, believe it's perfectly "Legal" for the government to KILL U.S. Citizens with Drone Strikes.


What an amazing argument the executive branch made to the court considering that a constitutional law professor is the head of the executive branch!


What an amazing argument to make to a court.

"Just so you know, your Honor, you're not really relevant here. This is just a courtesty call..."

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