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June 06, 2013


Conor McCartney

Fundamentally what is this going to solve? What is hoped to have been achieved with this settlement and this lawsuit?


From this 42 million if 24million will get invested in development then that will be sufficient. But God knows how much will get utilized.


Hmmm... @ and@; I do believe there's something missing between each of your comments. It's called common sense.

Personally, I find the unbridled, unchecked, boundless GREED of these banks to be offensive. Got nothin' to do with 'fear of trying lawsuits,' or 'racism.'

When you behave badly to EVERYONE; and you Know it, you shut-up and pay the piper.

And, @mianaja,, when I give up my already broken down, boarded up house to the bank next month, it'll be somewhat of a relief, because
A)I did ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong. Not. One. Thing.
and B)2 different 'friends' bought during the toxicity, but were amongst those who ADDED to it. They now qualify for Federal relief progs, getting free lawyers, and FREE rent in their McMansions while they await loan modification --over12 months now!

I bought a tiny, modest home on a mortgage I could afford...And yet, I still got screewd with a capital "F." (No bailouts for me)

-Last time I checked, my skin was pretty darn white.-


@Oliver, this is not a liberal group, these are neighborhoods that when the bank forecloses on the house, they are supposed to maintain the property and they deliberately did not maintain the property in minority neighborhoods while maintaing properties in white neighborhoods. Everyone knows that overgrown yards and boarded up windows and broken doors and whatnot and peeling paint on a home make the whole street look bad and bring down property values, which bring down tax revenue, which affect schools, which affect money to those schools, and its a downward spiral. So its not just some "liberal group" these are actual communities affecting thousands of peoples lives. I'm glad that Wells Fargo was held accountable for its racist policies.

Oliver Transue

Try the damn case! Quit retreating every time some liberal interest group makes a threat.

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