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June 14, 2013


Criminal Lawyers

Hey thanks for telling us about Steven Benjamin who is a president of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, testified that when the average citizen cannot figure out what is illegal, "that is unfairness in its most basic form."

Laura J. McGarry

You need to hold prosecutors accountable for deliberate malicious prosecutions. Ask Aaron Swartz - oh that's right - you can't!

Christian Onsager

The more aged of us will remember the old phrase "there oughta be a law." It was not meant as a request, but a comment about human nature said with a bit of irony when the "common law" did not provide a fix for an infrequent situation. I suspect the multiplication of attorneys and our love of rules, along with the politician's desire to be viewed as "doing something about it," has helped lead us to this morass where criminal law seems to leave common sense "justice" behind in too many cases. I have been interested in how America needs to be decriminalized for a number of years, but haven't gotten past thinking about it. It's great to see someone taking action. Where do I sign up?

John Q Public

This is the most encouraging thing I have seen come out of D.C. in the last 30 years. How I wish I could be confident that any good will come of the effort!

While we're at it, could we address the number of federal law enforcement agencies empowered to carry weapons and make arrests? Last I checked the number was in the 50s.

Anuj C. Desai

Mr. Ruger,

I believe you have the first name of the head of the task force wrong. It should be Representative *Jim* Sensenbrenner from Wisconsin.


Anuj C. Desai (University of Wisconsin Law School)

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