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June 03, 2013


Darren McKinney


You're free to speak for yourself, but you sound childish when you purport to speak for everyone other than the "fulltime right-wing activists" you disdain. Countless lawyers and legal scholars found Mr. Estrada to be very well qualified. But nervous Senate Democrats didn't want the GOP to get credit for moving a Hispanic closer to the SCOTUS.

"You can look it up. But you needn't - everyone has always known it." In any case, I'll bet you lunch that Douglas's prediction holds up.


To call Estrada "mainstream and non-controversial" flunks the laugh test so badly that my coffee came ou... well, you know.

Almost no one except fulltime right-wing activists has ever espoused Estrada's ideas. You can look it up. But you needn't - everyone has always known it.


What goes around comes around, Rick. Democrats in the Senate, including then-Senator Obama, blocked many of President Bush's mainstream and non-controversial nominees to the D.C. Circuit, including Miguel Estrada and Peter Keisler, both of who are well-respected appellate attorneys in the mold of Srinivasan and Millett.



Mr. Wilkins was confirmed to his current District Court position via Unanimous Consent, no GOP opposition...So, while right wing blogs will call him the usual judicial activist, blah blah, blah - in the real world Mr. Wilkins just like Professor Pillard, are moderates.


Millett is the only one likely to be approved. She seems to be a non-partisan lawyer's lawyer in the style of Srinivasan. The others are partisan Democrats and their nominations are going nowhere.


These 3 nominees are all very well qualified in both their educational background and extensive legal experience..Also, they are about as mainstream & non-controversial as you can get, - all of President Obama's judicial nominees are pretty much moderates across the board..

In a Republican party of a time past, say the 1970's, when they actually had moderates in the senate, nominees like these would have had a hearing and a full senate vote in less than 2 months....But with the 2013 GOP-Obstruction Party, it will be amazing if 2/3 DC Circuit nominees are confirmed by years end..

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