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June 14, 2013


Darren McKinney

Better yet, Mr. Morgan, why don't we just nationalize all capital by presidential fiat -- enforced by the military -- and create the workers' paradise you and yours have dreamt of forever? Innovation, global competitiveness, economic growth and job creation have always been overrated when it comes to contentment of the masses, right?

Timothy Morgan

For now, how about a rule that any sustained ULP charge merits as part of its remedy a poster describing the violation and sanction and informing emmployees that exercising their right to unionize is probably the best way to stem such practices in the future. Couple that with, say, a 5-year probation-and-posting requirement and annual audits.

David Hechler

Jeremiah: If you click on the first link, you'll see not just the citation but the text of the decision.

Jeremiah Meyer-O'Day

A citation would be nice, as I'd like to see how the 4th circuit (and the DC circuit for that matter) decided that 29 USC 156 does not allow the board to decide that informing employees of their right to organize is necessary to secure that right for them in the first place, as guaranteed by s. 157.

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