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June 26, 2013


Steven J Fromm

You say black and I will say white. You say gay marriage, I say no. This seems to be the Republican take. Most Americans feel otherwise and respect the concept of individual freedoms. The government should not be an impediment to free will and choice. Most polls favor this position and now so does the Supreme Court.


I find it amusing that the party that always screams about less govt., WANTS complete govt intervention on social issues (marriage, abortion, pornography bans, etc)...

The only freedoms conservatives are for are those that relate to the 2nd Amendment and less business regulations...But they're for complete govt intrusion on social issues...


I like the idea of replacing DOMA with ReForMA.
Even the sound of it evinces an improvement!


Marriage is inherently conservative, and the GOP should be encouraging same sex couples to wed and be domesticated. These rulings are good for marriage and good for America.

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