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May 16, 2013


Kent Scheidegger

"Amazing how the GOP tide turns based on who wins the election..."

Unlike the Democrats, who remain true to basic principles regardless of which party's president is doing the nominating?

Welcome to Earth. What planet are you from?

Alan Reische

When is Harry Reid going to change the filibuster rule? He's already had at least two chances, yet he's held back while the GOP abuses

Reid has this overwhelming concern that the Republicans will turn the tables on Democrats at some future date if the rule is changed now. True enough, but they're likely not going to be able to unwind what's gone on in the interim, except Reid's vacillation means there hasn't been and won't be any interim.

The failure to fill open judicial seats (and to move other nominations requiring Senate confirmation) is a national disgrace.


Had Mr Romney won the election last Nov, Senators Grassley, Lee, etc. would have said these DC Circuit seats need to be filled ASAP...They would have pontificated that President Romney has the privilege of filling these seats since he won the election...

Amazing how the GOP tide turns based on who wins the election...

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