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May 23, 2013


Laser Haas

It is a sad state of affairs today. Whereas the integrity of the system of justice is always in question; because of inexplicable behavior that does not bode well for the good order of society. Bad faith behavior is now the norm; rather than the aberrant act/ exception.

Don Soeken

This is the address for the last post by me.

Don sp

The False Claims Whistleblowers are welcomed with open arms but many of the national security whistleblowers are investigated, lose their security clearance and are indicted. Even some of the False Claims whistleblowers are left losing their job and the Justice Department cuts their percentage of the award. 80% of the False Claims whistleblowers get nothing. The Justice Department should be investigating the executive branch agencies not killing the life of an ethical person who is just trying to follow his or her conscience. I have worked with whistleblowers for over 35 years and this is the worst administration that retaliates against them than even the past Republican administration. What is this administration afraid of when they
crush the lives of these persons of conscience?
Don Soeken, LCSW-C, Ph.D.


"West's nomination to be associate attorney general has so far been caught up in a broader congressional controversy over the Justice Department's arrangement to not intervene in support of a whistleblower in a case in St. Paul, Minn., wounding the lawsuit's chances.
In exchange, the Justice Department wanted the city of St. Paul to drop its appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court in an unrelated suit that threatened the "disparate impact" legal theory, which is a way the government can prove discrimination in housing and other cases." This is corruption as it is the peddling of justice. But that is the recent history of the deceptively named Department of Justice.

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