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April 11, 2013



The most corrupt justice dept. ever, and they have the nerve to ask for more money to waste. How can this happen after what we've seen these past 4 years. Holder himself should be in jail along 100s more. Many more shouldn't have a job and be disbarred. They use their office for party politics, and blackmail to push it liberal agenda. Filing unjustified suits against states, corp., and anyone who wont goose step to their orders.


First, let's get 'em funded! Then they'll announce they're hiring.

America has to be persuaded that it wants more justice even if it's gotta be at taxpayer expense. That used to be a "No duh!" viewpoint but now it's become a heavy lift.

All of us who want to see it happen can help bear that burden by talking it up and spreading the concept that America only works if we'll foot the bill.


What are the qualifications for the various positions,location of, and site of application?


Where do I apply

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