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April 12, 2013


R u out of your mind?

How about this sham of a president appoint directors in a legal manner and stop with the distractions. If he could take his ego out of the equation for one decision maybe something could actually happen in that horrible excuse of a government.


It's readily apparent why the Republicans refuse to accept any appointments by the Obama administration to the board.

This is the most anti-worker House of Representatives in history. Every member of the majority should be ashamed of themselves.

Joseph Wilson

Name me one thing you people come up with that does not and I repeat does not cost the American people their money and their freedoms . This includes your new gun background check , your new and arcane aha , the social security you robbed for your general funds , the decision to rob peoples retirement savings account and putting a cap on what they can save and how they use it . You people have become more communistic then the Russians ever were . I for one denounce you as my government because you have done nothing but violate our constitution every way you know how and you let the dictator get away with anything he wish's . Yes I said DICTATOR as he is not the president of this country .

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