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March 29, 2013


Rose Stevens

I agree with you Barbara! We lost our home to GMAC, After NEVER paying a late payment I contacted them to consult and advise our financial status has changed, we will need assitance soon, I'm using the m oney in my savings account to keep up the monthly payments but in 4 months our savings will be depleted, My Dad just died, and My Husbands hours at work just got reduced, we are struggling to make the house note, can we talk about a loan modification? They told us, NO, our payments have not fallen behind therfore we do not qualify to apply. Although I can prove our financial status and show a decrease in income and all our financial obligations, they would not consider a loan mod in advance because were not late, yet. When the 4th month came and I could not make the installment, I called them and they said, you need to be 3 months behind to qualify and apply. Now tell me! what kind of garbage is that? Once I applied, they returned the application to me twice, said i missed a document or did not check a box, or fax us a form, but never giving me the fax number! All the while time is ticking and the collection process has started. No one ever picked up the phone to call me, and no one ever called me back! I have a phone log that I made dozens of phone attempts, if I reached someone they were never the right person to talk to, If I left voice mail they never called me back. I even offered to make partial payments but no replies. IT WAS AN ABSOLUTE TRAGITY, but they were quick to send those collection notices, I have a shoe box full of those, an eviction notice went up on the door, and I realized I had no recourse. A realtor friend suggested we attempt a shortsale to retain whatever credit worthiness we could, its amazing how the conversation of shortsale was quickly negotiated between the realtor and the mortgage company. My Father built that house, it was my family's inheritance, but now we are renting somewhere else and a strange family lives in our home. I feel so wronged and violated , and they just don't care ! We are back on our financial feet, but do not have the funds to buy another home. If they were really sorry, they should give me a loan so I could buy another home, not a couple hundred dollars and feel justified. It's Criminal !

Barbara Kampff

I AGREE! After 2 years of trying to pick myself and my family up after losing the place my children, STILL! call HOME in MN. I have yet to find an attorney who TRUELY believes a wrong has been done, or has the GUTS to fight! NOT an attorney trying to GET RICH off of our desperation for justice. An injustice which started from the mortgage broker, inflating the appraisal, finding the initial lender,then selling the mortgage, sooner than the ink can dry! to CERTAIN BANKS, waiting in the wings for these mortgages to be handed off to them, under a false name, waiting for the inevitable forclosure. THEN when financial trouble occurs, the "SERVICING COMPANY" who makes money from our late fees, tells us, "You are not eligable for a remodification until you are at least 3 months deliquent on your mortgage. AND
now that we can't afford homeowners insurance, they provide homeowners insurance for us. WITH THIER OWN NAMED INSURANCE COMPANY, Charging us DOUBLE the standard insurance premiums. OH! and adding an "INFLATION RIDER" AFTER the Sheriff's sale was completed. Does the PLEDGE OF ALLEGANCE still say "AND JUSTIVE FOR ALL?" OK...then SOMEBODY, PLEASE...PROVE IT!


If there is nothing to hide-then why not disclose? This government is soo corrupt!!

louis pizano

Good, the banks are still getting away with it..even keeping 2 billion

Jen Allen


Justo Reyes

It is about time man

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