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March 05, 2013



To take Reid's analogy of Clarence Thomas further, remember Thomas was replacing a VERY liberal justice in Thurgood Marshall, this was a game changing appointment....Clinton, George W Bush, and Obama's SCOTUS appointments were all pretty much even idealogical trade offs...

Also, it is arguable that George W Bush's most controversial judicial nominee was Janice Brown, and though she was initially filibustered, she was confirmed and sits on the DC Circuit today..

The democrats might have filibustered Miguel Estrada, but they allowed Janice Brown to be confirmed...They might have filibustered Henry Saad, but allowed Priscilla Owen to be confirmed...George W Bush nominated ALOT of Federalist Society far right jurists, the Democrats allowed many to be ultimately confirmed...

Alliance for Justice

There is no excuse for another filibuster of this highly-qualified nominee. We have much more about Ms. Halligan on our website here:

Alliance for Justice
Washington DC

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