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February 27, 2013


Mel Reed

This is a beautiful example of the wisdom of the Conservative mentality. With little data, with no hearing from respected members of the African American community, a SUPREME COURT JUSTICES have concluded that Section 5 is no longer needed. Then again, there has always been white people who have not been able to comprehend what it meant to be black 50 years ago. And one Justice actually stated that giving an African American citizen the right to vote is an entitlement. Does he mean it is an entitlement to live in the realm of the United States of America as well?


Lawrence O'Donnell from "Tha Last Word" said the most important reason to vote for a president is the SCOTUS...And i agree, but i take it a step further in that ALL judicial nominees are important (Circuit/District Courts to)..

Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas are the main reasons i vote DEMOCRATIC in every presidental elections..

Looks voting rights will be struck down 5-4, when this ruling comes in late June..What a tragedy...


The power of ALEC, the Koch family, and other ultra conservative Republicans who know their points of view won't get them elected, so let's suppress the voters, let them stand in line for hours, and by the way, let's change how states divy up their electoral college votes.
Since when did the Supreme Court have the power to "enact" legislation like Citizens United and justify states discriminating agains non-white voters?
Anyone else shocked that Justice Thomas remained silent?


Yes, why would anyone want to perpetuate the "racial entitlement" to have a mechanism in place to prevent enactment of discriminatory voting laws in jurisdictions with a history of discrimination?

And really, what are the kinds of questions that you can leave to a democratically elected Congress, including a unanimous Senate? If anything, why not have higher scrutiny for more popular laws?

This is why we need televised Supreme Court hearings.

Torii Gate

Talk about judicial activism. I'm astounded at the way Scalia just makes stuff up to support his point of view. When he likes what Congress has done, he says the Court should defer to Congress. When he doesn't like what Congress has done, he spouts some nonsense like the "perpetuation of racial entitlements" and says the issue is too important to be left to Congress.


As I read this story and think back to voter suppression efforts over the past few elections, as well as to changes in law over the past decade or more, it seems apparent that democracy in the United States is dying. It is sad to see this happening.

Ken Chestek

"The concern here is this is not the kind of question you can leave to Congress." ---quoth the "originalist" Justice Scalia.

Has he not heard of the doctrine of separation of powers? The fact that the Senate *unanimously* reauthorized the bill in 2006 is now evidence that the Senate cannot be trusted to vote the right way, justifying the Supreme Court in finding the law unconstitutional??

Just completely unbelievable. Shocking.

Tony Monte

Restricting voting rights is about as un-American and un-democratic as you can get, yet we have many States that do just that. Like it or not, it is the Republican Party and conservative philosophy to do that. I am 69 years old, have voted many times Republican and many times Democratic in my life, but Republicans of the Eisenhower, Keating, Dirksen type used to respect people and human rights. I'm glad I'm old enough to not be around in the future when the current Republican philosophy will strip parts of our citizenry of their right to vote just to enable Republicans to win more elections. It is a national disgrace. Wake up America, what you are seeing is an effort to reduce our democratic system.

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