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February 25, 2013



Quick correction..Carter nominated Stephen Breyer to a Circuit Court position...Clinton of course nominated him to the SCOTUS..
But Breyer was confirmed to his Circuit Court seat during a lame duck


Well Russ, Republicans started the whole judicial mess back in 1968 when they filibustered Abe Fortas...

Then, things calmed down...The best example of this was in 1980 after Carter lost, during the lame duck, Stephen Breyer was nominated AND confirmed...That would NEVER happen now...

And then in 1991 Democrats allowed an up/down vote on Clarence Thomas, despite he was replacing the very liberal Thurgood Marshall...Can you imagine the current GOP allowing an up/down vote on Goodwin Liu if he were nominated to replace Antonin Scalia?...

Then all the goodwill was thrown out the window during the Clinton years, when the GOP blocked, denied a hearing, etc. of over 40 of President Clinton's judicial nominees...So then the Democrats paid W back, but only partially, still allowing many of his controversial Circuit Court nominees to be confirmed....

BUT NOW, the GOP is doing payback X 500, where even non-controversial District Court nominees wait a year to be confirmed...Senator Reid has had to file cloture on over 20 District Court nominees, that's never been done before...And President Obama's Circuit court nominees are treated so badly it borders crimnal...

So, i think we can say, "beyond a reasonable doubt" that the GOP are the ones who have turned the judicial nominations process into a circus side show....

Russ Davis

Rick, you're the perfect example of the kindergarten mindset mentioned. Democrats started filibustering the judiciary so these vile, lawless, fascist hypocritical, deranged, lunatic, despicable demagogues (tell us how you really feel Russ!) have no room to complain for their own payback; it's sad we're no longer capable of self-government or both parties would pay for such antics at the ballot box but since we're not, we're swiftly coming to the end of civilization as it was once known as we swiftly slide back into the degenerate swamp of pre-Chrisitan barbarism of savage animals like lawless, lunatic demagogues Leahy & 0bama. God save us.


Big. Deal. Bacharach should have been confirmed in April 2012...What a joke, a nominee has to wait a year to be confirmed 93-0..

I want DC Circuit nominees confirmed...President Obama already has completed one term without a confirmation to this court...

Some day, when there is a Republican president, i hope the GOP remembers the adage "payback is a $%$%(

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