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January 18, 2013


Uncle Bill

Holder can speak with absolute authority on gun crime since he is the most highly placed gun criminal in our country. 1) He needs to prosecute himself for contempt of congress first. 2) Then he needs to prosecute himself for selling these so-called assault weapons to drug dealers committing crimes, including murder of a police officer, on our sovereign soil and on the sovereign soil of Mexico, our neighbor and ally. He has stone-walled both issues. When he recuses and allows those issues to go forward in the Justice Department he controls, then I will think he is worth listening to. Until that time, he is just another dishonest crook using the power of his office to break the law with impunity.

Hope that wasn't too vague.

Mike Stollenwerk

Um, Holder says he will keep certain cosmetically offensive looking firearms off our streets? Gee, I thought US v. Lopez (fed govt has no power to ban gun carry near schools) makes that unconstitutional?

So are we talking about confiscation of these cosemetically offensive but otherwise normal rifles??

International Schools Mumbai

Impinges upon a person's Second Variation privileges or is unreliable with the traditional use of professional energy.


Somebody cite me one provision in these gun laws that would have prevented the Sandy Hook atrocity.

The only hope we have of stopping "gun" violence is to stop the mind-scrubbing drugs such as Ritalin, Prozac and others that have infected our youth since the 1990s.

Want 31 indisputable factual examples?


So Mr. Fast and Furious demands tougher gun laws? Yeah, okay, we'll get right on that.

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