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January 23, 2013



I think it's dopey to go with a strategy of blaming Republicans for delay unless you've got squeaky-clean hands.
You don't ignore requests from Sen. Grassley and then expect him to cooperate. If his requests were, in fact, ignored or refused, then of course there's trouble. Whether they were slightly or fully complied with, understandably or unforgiveably whetting his hunger for more, is unfortunately omitted from the article.
Without knowing that, we can't really have any opinion.


How things change when we have a Democratic president...President Obama has had ZERO confirmations to the DC Circuit...

However, when George W Bush was president, such was not the case as DC Circuit confirmations were routine..

John Roberts confirmed via voice vote (not a typo, Roberts was confirmed by voice. vote.

Janice Rogers Brown confirmed 56-43
Thomas Griffith confirmed 73-24
Brett Cavanaugh confirmed 57-36


I thought hearings were for the purpose of getting information. So why delay the hearings? Makes no sense.

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