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November 20, 2012



The adjunct professor here who hosted this discussion appears to have the only relevant perspective among the panel; or at least she was the only member able to articulate one.

Her emphasis on Big Data = Big Dollars = No Protections is spot-on. In addition, she wittingly alludes to the fact that the courts have despairingly outmoded knowledge of new technology and systems, and therefor are extremely limited in their deliberations. They'd like to see Congress get legislative on these issues; BUT

that ain't gonna happen any time soon -if at all, b/c the dollars saved by using these technologies is ENORMOUS for both fed and state agencies.,,,not to mention the millions lobbyists spend to keep the status quo. And this has far, far-reaching effects to the point of the Education systems failing to inform and educate on these issues at grade-school levels (which should absolutely be part of every curriculum)

The Facebook generations don't WANT these intrusions. They just don't know they exist!

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