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October 03, 2012


R u out of your mind?

I'd like to know how many of these people could actually name a current Supreme Court Judge.

Raymond J. LaJeunesse, Jr.

Romney won the only two legitimate questions in the entire survey: he is more likely to nominate a Supreme Court Justice who will uphold the “true meaning” of the Constitution and more people are concerned that Obama will appoint the kind of Justice who won’t uphold the “true meaning” of the Constitution. Polling firms do what they are paid to do, but it would be hard to come up with a more distorted poll about the courts than this one. It is a great example of how leftist groups like those sponsoring this poll think about the role of judges -- they exist to take sides and advance political interests.


Must be a lot of socialist and Useful idiots in this poll.


The answer to this hypothetical question is inconclusive at best. I turned around & polled our work force & I got nine votes for Romney to pick the best of Supreme court nominees. Eight Republicans will vote for Romney & of the two Democrats one will vote for Obama & the other will vote for Romney. Four verified they swing accordingly to candidates. It would be hard to determine an unbiased answer to this question due the fact that most voters will declare their candidate as their preference. The four swing voters in this case did just that.
Swing voters do not always accurately reply to a political question when polled on the phone. This swing voter poll is probably not as accurate as it was intended to be.

Howard Klein

The drastic change in results from the beginning of the survey to the end of the survey is strong evidence that it was a "push poll," in which the questions were skewed to produce the outcome favored by the polling firm and/or their client(s). I'm sure a set of questions could be asked that would produce the opposite result.

Kent Scheidegger

Wow. If you were teaching a class on polling and wanted to present an example of a deliberately skewed poll, you would be hard pressed to find a better (i.e., worse) example.

More people think Romney nominees would tend to favor corporations, the poll says. How many people think Obama nominees would tend to favor criminals? They didn't ask that question, because they don't want the answer.

The "big increase" between the beginning and end of the poll is produced by feeding the respondent a shovel of skewed information.

This post is disappointing in that it reports this poll at face value without questioning who did it, how, or why. Can you do a little better next time, folks? You are journalists and not members of the Obama campaign team, right?

Brian Maple


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