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October 23, 2012


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Doesn't he know there's no such thing as bad press ;)

Darren McKinney

Silly Mike Mann. He and the University of Virginia spent all that time and energy trying to keep his emails and other communications secret from Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli. But now National Review and CEI can demand all of it in discovery. Unless he wises up and withdraws it, Mann's lawsuit will become the little Toto that pulls back the curtain to expose the Wizard of Hockey Stick for what he truly is.

Mining Recruitment

These kinds of lawsuits are impossible to win. Mann needs to prove that what the national review said were not based on what the facts were at the time, and that what they specifically said harmed him in a way that was independent from the Climate gate controversy.


I guess the best things to do when dealing with him, is asking for evidence, because mostly has none at all.


I wish the discovery process could be televised...that would be some kind of entertaining. This guy is an idiot if he thinks they will settle. The resulting litigation will pay for itself with story after story and then a made for TV movie. Michael Mann, you may be a scientist but you are surely ignorant of the law!


It seems Mr. Mann will finally receive the thorough pelvic examination that the public richly deserves.

As a practical matter, the case will likely be removed to Federal District Court.


It will be good to see NR and CEI get their asses handed to them in a court of law.

Calvin Dodge

They said he molested DATA, not children.


Lance Armstrong passed all of those drug tests too. And used legal intimidation along the way as well.

John C

Go To the Mo Kelly Report and read about the apparent incompetence of Judge Natalia Combs Greene.

I think Michael Mann shopped around for the most incompetent judge he could find. If she is as bad as her reviewers say, then Michael Mann has a chance.

With a reasonable judge, he would never file this suit.


Shouldn't "Scientist Michael Mann" actually be written "["Scientist"] Michael Mann?" For the sake of accuracy? Or even better "[humorless (because he's a fraud) "Scientist"] Michael Mann?"


Is there an applicable antiSLAPP law or motion to dismiss? First Am (opinion) applies.


Sandusky should sue. Mann is in fact the John Wayne Gacy of Climate Science. That data was molested, tortured, and is buried in Mann's crawlspace.

Uncle Bill

Perhaps Professor Mann might want to venture over to the Literature Department and get a small lecture on the stories of Joel Chandler Harris. He might then understand that a law suit can be a Briar Patch and a discovery process can be a Tar Baby.


Michael E. Mann sues National Review, Competitive Enterprise Institute - What will be the result?

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