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October 17, 2012


Evelynn Brown, J.D., LL.M

This is a great cause to be fighting for. Frequently personal email accounts are used by government officials in order to hide wrongdoing. Particularly so with whistleblower issues and partisan politics.

In a case which began in 2007, a rare glimpse was seen years later when one of the co-conspirators released emails of how political appointees along with federal management all used personal Verizon or accounts, set up specifically to discuss how to manage whistleblowers. The emails went so far as to confirm a whistleblowers name and how they all had to be careful since the laws should protect the whistleblower.

However, seeing it all in black and white had zero impact on the admin process of an AJ who did similar things via ex parte. In fact she completely ignored the fact that this was irrefutable proof of whistleblower retaliation, never acknowledging paid public service employees were using personal email accounts for official business. Judicial misconduct at its finest.

I wholly agree that if you are doing the peoples business, you may not shield yourself with privacy protections that in effect are thinly veiled methods to hide wrongdoing.

Keep up this important work!
EBrown, CEO,

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