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September 24, 2012



Senate-confirmed judges don't hear immigration trials. Agency judges do. That's a big reason why certain of the federal appeals courts that get the appeals from such "trials," such as the Second Circuit, have felt so free - even irate - as to reverse in harsh language the outcomes.

Therefore, solving the judge-confirmation issue can't help at any point in the immigration trials, unfortunately. It can only help to the extent the judges are nominated to the courts of appeals, which do struggle under the sheer volume of appeals from inexpertly-handled, persistently-biased or chronically-erroneous hearings.

Frank Smith

The Corrections Corporation of America spends over $3 milion on lobbying in D.C. each year, and GEO Group spends another million.

Robert Morgenthau pointed out in the NY Times this weekend that there is a backlog of detainee hearings that is now averaging 529 days to trial. That is an enormous sum, considering the for-profit prisons are getting paid over $100 a day by ICE to keep these mostly harmless gardeners, laborers, maids, cooke and roofers locked up, pending resolutions of deportation hearings.

So, the question is, are CCA and GEO going to those Senators to whom they've contributed (i.e., Mario Rubio) to delay action on confirmations? The FBI is already investigating Rubio for his role in the Blackwater River GEO prison scandal.

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