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September 11, 2012



The people who are scratching their heads do not realize the main reasons why the Bush DOJ prosecuted him: they wanted to bury the whistleblower in order to grab all the credit for the Swiss bank investigation, undercut his whistleblower claim and protect some of the most powerful Republicans in the country.

It is these peoples' worst nightmare that Birkenfeld is now out, free and empowered.

Kathleen Clark

Is Mitt Romney one of the 4,900? Could it be?

Paul Bent, Esq.

Something's wrong with this picture. Assuming that every US taxpayer with an off-shore account is a "tax cheat," strong arming non-US companies into complying with US income tax law, and rewarding a convicted felon for his part in disclosing account-holder names (a crime in its own right under certain statutes) are not the behaviors of a free and open society.


Crime pays. Just get away with white-collar crime for awhile, and if you're caught, use your expertise to become a "consultant" or use your knowledge of crimes to become a paid snitch. $104M?

Two years in prison would be worth that, as would the risks this guy took in committing his original crimes. He probably still has most of the money he hid.

Brian Penny

The path of a whistleblower is a difficult one. I know this firsthand. For doing the right thing, I ended up losing my car, my home, and my friends. I was forced to sell nearly everything I own and move to the other side of the country, where I'm now broke and sleeping on the floor of a stranger's apartment.

You can read about my struggles as a whistleblower exposing the larges bank fraud in history here:

Evelynn Brown, J.D., LL.M

Great Job by everyone! It's time whistleblowers were thanked for helping recovery money that cheats the public. Way to go NWC-terrific press conference!

A pardon of Birkenfeld is warranted.

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