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September 04, 2012



It would have been helpful and more accurate reporting to actual list the dates of when she first applied for benefits and when the District responded. Living in MD and having relatives in DC, I am not surprised that the District took an inordinate (and perhaps inhumane) length of time to do something that should be simple. If she was retiring on disability, being a Judge doesn't mean you retire with a trust fund. Judges can live paycheck to paycheck as well. I don't think its gouging taxpayers to be paid retirement benefits for the years you worked. Especially in DC. Interesting that right after she filed, DC responded in her favor. That's typical.

Darren McKinney

Shame on Judge Vincent for trying to gouge taxpayers for extra disability benefits. Too much heavy lifting on the bench, your honor?

Judge Leon is right: the case is absurd.

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