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September 19, 2012


MBA Admission

The sheltering of war scammers is a significant phase into the cesspool that this govt has converted this once excellent country into.


While no overt act of wrong doing by the Attorney General was found, there is an obvious insubordination of duty somewhere down the chain, which led to Terry's death. This is still negligent in terms of running a loose ship. If policies were tighter and command was more adhered to, Holder would have been more aware of what his people were doing and his command would have been more closely followed. If Holder didn't know what was happening, this just shows how disconnected he is from his post and unaware he was of the contempt for his leadership that apparently exists. How many other officers have to be put unnecessarily in harms way before Holder discovers and adequately assesses the extent of his loose ship and make the changes necessary to ensure the safety of American citizens and the Border Agents who protect us? I believe depraved indifference certainly applies in Holders case.

David Wiegand

Remember the Iran-Contra Affair? How Democrats piled on President Reagan for not knowing that others within his inner circle had orchestrated that mess? Now that the shoe is on the other foot, Democrats are soft-pedaling this fiasco, arguing that Holder shouldn't be held accountable for the misguided efforts of his inner circle.

The hypocrisy and complete abdication of responsibility is even more patent in Holder's praise of retiring (in lieu of being fired) deputy A.G. Jason Weinstein, proclaiming that "the American people are safer because of his work." Hey, . . . wait a second, . . . didn't the report identify Weinstein as one of the people "who bore a share of responsibility for ATF's knowing failure in both these operations to interdict firearms illegally destined for Mexico, and for doing so without adequately taking into account the danger to public safety that flowed from this risky strategy . . . ."?

Simply amazing!


These people have to stop smoking Obama's crack. What's the deal? Holder violates US law, Mexican law, and International law, and our congressional idiots call it a "dumb mistake, and a botched operation". Congress is botched. And, guilt by stupidity to conspiring to commit multiple and various felonies. Smuggling guns over international borders, it doesn't get any worse. The USDOJ is a crime syndicate, a little INVESTIGATING by an INDEPENDENT investigation firm, and not the ones that committed the crimes, would be a start. And, the harboring of war criminals is a major step into the cesspool that this government has turned this once great nation into.

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