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September 25, 2012


Gary M. Piwonka

Correction..."Bonnie & Clyde."

Gary M. Piwonka

A further comment on Tom's use of the word "gift." What has taken place in the past few years with "Banksters," in my personal opinion, make Jesse James and Bobbie & Clyde seem as petty candy store thieves.

Gary M. Piwonka

Did I read above by "Tom" the word "gift," or are my eyes deceiving me?


everbody beats the drum of victimhood. But let's remember two things. 1)The homeowner made a commitment they couldn't keep. Don't expect the bank to take on the carrying cost of your mistake, it's a gift if they do
2) the banks have no reason to depreciate their asset base for something they can actually sell now. They aren't letting these houses rot because they are in minority neighborhoods, they are letting them rot because it is unlikely they will sell them anytime soon.

Gary M. Piwonka

I would like to comment further that I have received numerous boilerplate letters and "Notices of Foreclosures," but all irrelevant to the discussing or attempting to resolve the issues at hand.

Thanks again,

Gary M. Piwonka

Gary M. Piwonka

Now I can understand why I cannot, for over 3 years now, receive any response to any questions I have concerning my loan that BOA took over from Countrywide. I have, literally, hundreds of certified letters and Overnight Delivery letters, which have cost me hundreds of dollars, try and discuss questions concerning my loan. All I receive are phone calls that end up in hours of duration with nothing accomplished, but kicking the can to someone else. I would much prefer water boarding than go through the by-phone process I have endured for years. I do not understand what it is with these interest money to help people who provided them the Jillions and remain as arrogant and above-the-law as ever.

Gary M. Piwonka
3850 CR 482
P.O. Box 126
Midfield, Texas 77458
Loan No. 031521519


It took Bank of America almost two years after I filed bankruptcy to file a motion to life the bankruptcy stay and start the foreclosure process on my house. I begged them over a year and a half ago to start this process because I have been paying vacant homeowners insurance to protect myself from a liability standpoint, in addition to paying the monthly HOA dues. Bank of America actually contacted my homeowners insurer to tell them the house was vacant and then my policy was not renewed so I had to buy very expensive vacant homeowners insurance. This house is also in a hispanic neighborhood. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been in this situation. If they would have started the foreclosure process when I asked, then the value of the house would have been higher than it is now and a family could have moved in. But they don't care. They want to place the burden on the homeowner for as long as possible.

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