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August 03, 2012


Darren Joyce

Without a nuclear option, a future GOP president is going to have a hard time sticking Paul Clement (or anyone else) on the DC Circuit in the future. Mark my words: the nuclear option is coming. The only question is, which party implements it first. If Clement is blocked in the future for the DC Circuit, guys like Ed Whelan will whine and whine about how "superbly qualified" (Whelan uses that phrase a lot to describe Estrada and Keisler) Clement is -- totally ignoring that Halligan (equally qualified) was blocked. Also, I'd love to see how Chuck Grassley can justify ever letting *any* GOP president get someone confirmed to the DC Circuit now, given that he keeps insisting that the DC Circuit doesn't need any more judges. Chuck will of course hypocritically be singing a different tune under a GOP president.
If Obama wins and the Dems somehow hold the Senate, the rules on up-or-down votes for judicial nominees need to change ASAP. The reason is, given the growing extremism on the other side, they'll change the rules themselves, the next time there's a GOP president and a GOP Senate........


Caitlin Halligan is a moderate, extraordinary nominee who could easily be a SCOTUS nominee with her qualifications...She is FAR more qualfied than say, Janice Rogers Brown...Shame on Democrats for allowing that idealogue on such a high profile court....

Ms. Halligan, nor the outstanding President who nominated her, have done anything to impede on anyone's gun rights..

It's a new era in judicial nominations...Majority Leader Reid has had to file for cloture numerous times on non-controversial District Court nominees, so you can imagine how difficult its going to be for President Obama to get a DC Circuit nominee thru...

K. Fowlero

Author approval is cencorship and violates free spaeach and expression.

K. Fowlero

Good. Anti 2nd amendment judges need to stay off the bench and good for the GOP for protecting such an important american right from intrusion by the anti gun president who tried to sneak in the UN anti gun treaty .

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