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August 01, 2012



It sounds closer if you say it differently: If only ONE out of every 15 voters had chosen Dewhurst instead of voting for Cruz, Dewhurst and not Cruz would've won.

I've been peeved in the past at how a 57%-43% victory has been called a "landslide" ... that is, I was, when I preferred the loser!
Yet Wikipedia says no president has won as much as 60% of the popular vote since 40 years ago, and none has ever polled as high as 62%. (Before 1824, the public didn't vote.)

I think the news proves that just about anyplace, or any electorate, can be "swing." America is a very conflicted place.


A 13.6 percent loss is more than being "edged out." Give Cruz credit for a decisive win.

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