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August 31, 2012


Lloyd Green

Only in America ! Election not yet started and litigation already started. Not great for democracy IMHO.

Don Mashak

It is alleged that George Soros poured a ton of money into US Judges.
It would appear this judge is a reciprent of George Soros Money.
It is clear this dicision was made on some basis other than the Rule of Law and/or the best interest of WE THE PEOPLE.

But then again, according to Sandra Day OConnor, WE THE PEOPLE are just a bunch of dumb rubes that criticize the Courts because we have not be properly indoctinated, stike that, educated... yeah educated sounds less despotic and tyrannical.

The Courts have spent a lot of credibility and political collateral on the Patriot Act, domestic drones, Obamacare and Voter laws, you will find that "your honor" has greatly depreciated in value and respect.

Those were my thoughts.

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