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August 28, 2012



Well, why not?
Since Citizens United, we can have corporate entities with anonymous sources of money doing unlimited campaigning. We can have secret new free-trade agreements (including voiding nations' environmental laws). We can even have a presidential election decided by a court with non-broadcast arguments, secret deliberations and a questionably partisan or ideological ruling. Unlimited anonymous corporate lobbying fits in with that picture just fine.

Four years ago, we elected a president who promised more transparency, though the result has been decidedly mixed. This year, the word "transparency" is barely heard.

Under England's kings, America knew who ruled us and how, tyrannical though that rule may have been. In the "robber baron" era, we suspected or even assumed that direct corruption ruled us somehow, helpless though we were to stop it. Now, we're approaching a very different America - one where we have no clue who rules us, or how.

America needs to remedy that before it's too late.

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