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July 18, 2012



Cameras are easily deeafted as the circumventing of dash cams has shown. Simply move the action out of the cameras field of view. Then there is the question of context. However I must admit that if citizens are allowed unfettered use of their video devices to record officers it should be in the officers best interests to be doing the same. People are more civil when they know their actions are a matter of record.But it has to apply to both groups!


TRex: I agree that PVR's are not the be all and end all in terms if attempting to demertine what occured during an encounter between police and a citizen. Foot ball replays demonstrate that repeatedly as video shot from different angles at times seems to support different conclusions. However, video evidence even if flawed is preferable to a he said she said' scenario with out any independent record of what actually took place. Many police officers carry voice recorders and have done so for years simply to protect themselves and to be in a postion to provide a factual defence in the event they are accused of wrong doing.

Mark Linton

Taser ECD devices are a safe non-lethal alternative to firearms. Police departments all over the country now carry them. Taser is constantly refining their products, making them more safe and officer friendly.

Robert Jones

Well, this is a very good news for Taser to improve their legitimacy.

Raymond Torres

I think the more informed the public is about these tasers the better

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