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July 27, 2012



It looks like some earlier commentators picked up nicely on this Mr. Ruger's obvious bias; I will add another example: the rule he cites to, calling it the "Thurmond Rule," is actually known as the "Thurmond/Leahy Rule." since uber-liberal Sen. Leahy was/is also, a supporter of the concept (namely, that soon before a presidential election neither party should be able to rush thru judicial nominees). (Of course, Leahy, who put-his-name to the concept, dislikes this "rule" now, but that is another story of duplicity from people of a certain, and so plainly apparent, bias.

PJ Bishop

"It's a real test of McConnell's control of his caucus."

No, it's a real of test of whether or not McConnell and the Republicans in the Senate will put their duty to serve the urgent needs of our judicial system and the American people above petty games of political clout.


DeanO is wrong and attempting to indulge a political argument on behalf of Senator Lee. This article correctly uses 'essentially.' Everyone who follows judicial nominations knows why Senator Lee is voting no. It is not at all dishonest. Every article written on judicial nominations is not required to add and addendum to explain why Senator Lee is putting up a worthless protest.


WRONG: There are 20 nominees who have been approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee, all but four on essentially unanimous voice votes, and await a vote on the Senate floor. Do your homework...There is ALWAYS a NO vote from UT Senator Mike Lee an every nomination since Obama illegally appointed those board members. I like how you use the word essentially...dishonest at best.

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