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July 30, 2012



Coburn is being incredibly disingenuous. Rather than decrying the process, he should have voted for cloture, rather than voting "Present." Had both he and Inhofe voted for cloture, they would have only needed 2 additional votes to end debate. There would have been more pressure on Kyl, Hatch (another "Present" vote), Alexander and Lugar to put Bacharach over the top. Pathetic.


Well, its official, the GOP has now taken the judicial confirmation process from the gutter, to the sewer and finally to the septic tank....Mr. Bacharach is about as non-controversial as a nominee (especially for a Circuit court) as there could possibly be....He should be confirmed 100-0...

This is the 3rd filibuster of a President Obama Circuit court nominee in 3 years...

I hope the Democrats in the senate don't forget this GOP judicial blockcading absurdity and will extract payback next time there is a Republican president...

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