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July 17, 2012



The question is, will this story have legs?

The FDA is supposed to be our defense against dangerous devisies and inefffectual and harmful drugs. Every scientist there should be a whistle blower not a lacky for big corporate interests. Where were President Obama and Congress when they received dire warnings from these scientists? Who in the government is looking out for us? The FDA is a sham. FDA approval means buyer beware.

Peter Laseau

The duplicity of governemnt agancies has become a cancer to the integrity of the United States. It appears that attacking our own has replaceed strong leadership and management and placed an entire agencies failures on the back of the worker!

Penny Duff RN

Well, this just bolsters my opinion that FDA approval is a meaningless thing. - Penny Duff, RN

Michael Caldwell

The FDA has enough skeletons in its closet to qualify as an ossuary. It runs on arrogance, stupidity, and institutionalized incompetence.


medical department/
legal department.

Hail Him!

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