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July 13, 2012


bond arbitrage

Hi Jenna,

I agree, among the health care-related scams, in Utah, seniors have reportedly gotten phone calls informing them that they need new Medicare cards as a result of the law

property rights

Hi Jenna, thanks for this information. This is very helpful for all people to become aware about this scam. In fact i received several phone calls like this and what i did is i just hang up the phone after asking my personal info.

Account Deleted

My mom got a call like that, too. The man told her she was getting a new ID card but she needed to verify a few personal information first. But of course, she knew it was a scam. She's read about the scam at and she's as skeptical as a math teacher.

She old me about it and we reported the phone number to the website and alerted the local police, too.

Anne Roberts

I think most people need to know this, sometimes the lack of knowledge of certain things can most likely be one's downfall. It pays to be informed. Thanks for this piece of information.

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