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July 09, 2012


Limonite zurga

I love the circus


The bullies and thugs are the circus trainers who beat and abuse animals to make them perform. I can't understand how anyone could defend circuses - there's tons of video evidence to prove the abuse.

Jim Harvie

I am an animal welfare/animal rights advocate (depending on the issue) and have long been appalled by HSUS's immoral tactics and CEO Wayne Pacelle's dishonesty and greed. Pacelle and his top comrades Michael Markarian, J.P. Goodwin, Roger Kindler and John Doppster choose the "end justifies the means" playbook when lobbying, testifying before Congress, worming their way out of fundraising fraud investigations and hugging Michael Vick's bank account. HSUS even abuses the legal system to silence their critics in the animal rescue and law enforcement communities.

Before the "merger" with HSUS, the Fund for Animals was a decent organization. I never chose to join the Fund, but it was a paragon of ethics compared with what it has become since 2005 under HSUS's control. Worst of all, in recent years the Fund's signature project, Black Beauty Ranch, has been cited by USDA inspectors for neglectful and inhumane living conditions for horses, primates and other creatures. Shameful!

HSUS diverts tens of millions of dollars away from worthy animal charities and pet shelters every year. They have used this money in ways that few, if any, donors would approve. HSUS truly deserves to lose this case - and their tax exemption.


What, exactly, are the "lies" you are speaking of PTgcp? The ones that Ringling perpetuates when they claim they don't repeatedly abuse their elephants and animals to get them to perform for you and your family, including the two young girls in your avatar? While you are there at the circus, slip backstage before the show unnoticed, and teach those girls what a bullhook is. "Look honey, this is how they terrorize the elephants into doing all those things they normally do in the wild - grabbing each other's tails, balancing on their front legs, running around in a tight circle. If they don't beat them into submission each and every day, they may go on a rampage and storm the crowd out of sheer madness from having their 3 month old babies forcibly removed from them so they too can be indoctrinated into the circus life. We don't want them to ruin everyone's day by behaving like the wild animals they are, do we honey? Here, have some more cotton candy."

Who are the real bullies? Have a fun day at the circus dude.


I hope Feld wins every point in this suit, and I hope it becomes a precedent for everyone else to follow and encourages more lawsuits against the HSUS...and I hope EVENTUALLY the courts will start looking into how the HSUS plays the system through collecting donations that are misused and misrepresented, lobbying and proposals in legislation and finds the methods they use as illegal and CRIMINAL.

Cindy Wines

We are just trying to protect the horrible abuse the elephants, tigers and other animals endure. I have been to many circus events and seen with my own eyes or heard from the security teams there that the elephants are beaten before they go on stage for no reason at all. See and you will see for yourself!!!

Regan H.

I my eyes H$U$ is a gang of filthy crimials!

Terry Ward

Ah...dumb & dumber..

Arriving here from the jokesite humanewatch, naturally.


Hey Wayne .. the circus is coming to town at last.. get our your check book.. you know ..that one your donors fund when you tell them you are saving puppies and kitties.
let's tell the courts to stop clowning around and find for a BIG way


Long anticipated - at last the animal "rights" lies are being exposed. At last the Circus can sue! I predict pink slips at the businesses that are "animal rights"! At last the public will see them for what they are, bullys, thugs, rackateers.....

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