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June 08, 2012



Mr. Hurwitz has the support from BOTH Senators Kyl and McCain, 2 very conservative members of the GOP...How is he (Hurwitz) a controversial nomination in any way, shape or form..

a public servant

I am also a Republican from Arizona. The Ninth Circuit would be enhanced by such a fine jurist and human being. Andy Hurwitz is no wild-eyed radical judge.

James S.

I'm a Republican from Arizona. Andy is not a radical in any sense of the word. He would be a fine addition to any court.

the kat

Let me understand this, he drafted an opinion that became (and accepted by the US Sup. Ct) the law of the land? Wow what a legal visionary individual. Political partisanship at its best, how did this Country ever last this long by not getting anything done in Congress?

Douglas Johnson

A letter to senators from the National Right to Life Committee, opposing cloture on the nomination, is here:

Douglas Johnson
Legislative Director
National Right to Life Committee
Washington, D.C.
federallegislation // at // nrlc, dot, org


Roe v. Wade is the law.
Isn't a nominee SUPPOSED TO "wholeheartedly endorse" the law?
Wouldn't want him to go and get all Activist now, would we?

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