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June 11, 2012


DF Lickiss

I have only read one of Judge Brown's concurring opinions but it seemed well written. She used the platform of the concurring opinion to call for a change to the law in order to prevent an injustice that the law required her to allow to happen. I was favorably impressed with her use of the platform. Granted, as a majority opinion, it would have been wildly inappropriate. However as a concurring opinion, her writing seems similar to Justice Holmes.

Howard Klein

I must object to the comment about Judge Brown. She was an exemplary Justice of the CA Supreme Ct., and she has a solid record on the US Ct of Appeals. Definite US Supreme Court material.

Jim Kennedy

These two are extremely well-qualified. Janice Rogers Brown? Not so much. And she's been proving it.


If I'm not mistaken, several of Bush's controversial nominees failed cloture votes (SEVERAL times in the case of Janice Rogers Brown) only to be ultimately confirmed...Re-nominating someone who failed a cloture vote is not new...

There is also the nuclear option, in which case, Ms. Halligan could be confirmed within weeks....THIS is the route to go...Republicans threatened the N.O. constantly in 2005....

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