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June 18, 2012


Joe Zrnchik

Holder obstructed a congressional investigation of Operation PATCON and the torture and murder of Kenneth Trentadue. He destroyed 16 videos from business video cameras of the OKC bomb being delivered and three more taken from the Murrah Federal Building cameras. He destroyed the logs to show who had tortured and murdered Kenneth Trentadue while in federal custody when the FBI had mistaken Trentadue for Richard Lee Guthrie. Just as he lost track of 2,500 guns, he lost track of a 5,000 lb bomb. Elohim City was infiltrated by the FBI and knew about the bomb. Wonder why there was such a poor investigation and the FBI was so eager to hang the OKC bombing on one man? All Holder has to do is play his PATCON card and this will all go away lest he bring down the the whole US government. All Americans ought to Google "Operation PATCON Trentadue". It makes Fast and Furious look like small potatoes. Revolution is in the air and it smells so sweet! I say we waterboard Holder. Why is there no investigation into the 168 deaths involved in the OKC bombing and the FBI's destruction of so much evidence?


I like the words used to describe this criminal act perpetrated by the nations head criminal, "botched", "dumb mistake". How about FELONY, how about TREASON? How about, federal crime, racketeer, mob boss? Or, incompetent, conspiracy, perjury, accessory, prison?

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