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May 18, 2012


Bill Pope

Actually, even some of the inmate phone companies are in support of rate reform. The $.20 / $.25 rates recommended actually seem fair, but what was left out is the labor costs to establish accounts. The FCC is inundated with so many requests, so the squeakiest wheel will get the grease. Also, while addressing the phone rates, it might also want to address the rates on video visitation which will be the next generation of inmate phone service.

As an inmate phone provider, I would hope the FCC to address these rates with input from the corrections industry and the inmate phone industry.

Peter S. Chamberlain

Now maybe we'll see an end to this officially sanctioned legalized robbery of the poor. Hopefully this will also cover county jails.

Maybe they'll also deal with the way this was rigged so, as a lawyer, I had to pay for unwanted collect calls from jail in the middle of the might or let the phone ring all night.

This was and is one of several cases of illicit financial and sexual relations between private businesses, their executives and lobbyists, i.e. bag men, and the politicians, parties, and kept regulators that should and, if those we elected were honest, would never have been permitted.

Incidentally, this article and others omitted the work done on this issue, among others of recent note like the long-overdue prison rape regulations, by Prison Fellowship and its late founder Chuck Colson.

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