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May 04, 2012


Kay Sieverding

It is well established in medicine that the more knowledgeable patients and their families are about their condition and treatment the better the outcome. The same should be true for legal problems. For this reason I think that modern technology such as fill in the blank forms should be harnessed for all legal issues. This should include the ultimate legal problem -- a need to sue a government.

As we all know right now there are many unemployed lawyers. Yet lawyers are not more available to the disenfranchised. Maybe this is because of the cost of e & o insurance. Maybe they are terrified of being blacklisted for being associated with the wrong clients. Maybe they are worried about sanctions against themselves if they take disfavored causes such as wrongful imprisonment or malicious prosecution.

Personally, I was imprisoned by the feds without a criminal charge or a bail hearing. Also I was ordered to pay $100,000 to various law firms without any trial, any Rule 11(c)(6) order, any order defining the basis for sanctions, or any finding of my ability to pay, all of which are required by Rule 11 and Rule 54. There weren't even motions supporting most of the award it was all unpublished procedure as was my imprisonment. (I don't have a criminal record and verified my pleadings under penalty of perjury). So I have legal needs but I know that no neighborhood legal services program will help me.


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