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May 17, 2012


Darren Chaker

No doubt as the increase in technology, so will the ability to snoop. Privacy needs to keep up with both.

Lucy Lu

There are solutions, but until we get proper legislation making app developers, have you op in instead of opting out, you will never know what you have downloaded to your mobile device.

Using a SilentPocket™ allows you to take control of your own privacy when it comes to Smartphone tracking. MIAmobi™ addresses this issue and many more problems associated with mobile devices. With over 500,000 mobile app developed for smartphones, many of which are stealth and are eavesdropping on your every move. Some are capable of turning on functions on your phone like your mic, camera, GPS, address book and more, even when it has been turned off. There is only one way to stop this if you really want to know for sure that you have control of your mobile device is to block all forms of wifi coming in or going out. Get informed at

MIAmobi also provides a tool to help not only teens but everyone from being distracted by cell phones. One of these tools is the SilentPocket. If we start getting people to use the MIAmobi SilentPocket™ “It will save lives” Out site out of mind. Helps prevents texting and driving. Voicemail rings, beeps, blings or vibes will not be heard. Voicemail, Texts and email will be received once the device is taken out of the SilentPocket.


Its addressing right to privacy... Not if people are living morally or not.

ELois P. Clayton

With all the BULLYING/KIDNAPPING/STALKING and such happening in the world today, I think that it's a good/fantastic job, to be able to access such information, JUST BECAUSE of the success it will develope in nabbing such evil individuals....PS: If a person is living right, there should be NO problem with authorities having this information BUT, on the other hand, some 'authorities', has to be monitored as well, for there is ALSO, much of that, happening in the world, BUT, overall, it's for the safety of us, who ARE living right....PPS: This is a SUREFIRE way, that will encourage bad individuals to get it together, since the CCA, is looking for a way to justify the 'prison industry', for UNFORTUNATELY, there will STILL be those who has NO intention, of doing the right thing, BUT, with this law in place, at least we'll know WHO'S sincere, about living as a human being should live, for the sake of our children AND our communities!

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