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May 09, 2012


municipal bond

Hi Tillman, thanks for sharing this informative article. In my opinion Uncork’d Art have the right to file a case to Living Social for damaging its company reputation. Thats bad


Ripped OffI've had terrible eriexpences with Living Social. As well as the reasons listed above I tried to redeem two restaurant vouchers but the merchant claimed he would not accept them because we went on 27 December (a public holiday). This was not stated in the terms and conditions but LS have refused a refund. It has now been 5 weeks since I complained and they claim they are still investigating. They are a SCAM.I will be complaining to trading standards. Luckily I paid using Paypal so I can raise a dispute aand hopefully get my money back.I also use and KGB and have found them great compaired to LS.


MsknoitallI believe Living Social and their sevcire providers to be scammers. I purchased two spa sevcires from them and when I attempted to redeem my coupons, both establishments claimed to not have available appointments before my coupons expired. One was 3 week s prior to expiration, the other was a month. I was told that the spas had no appointments and that if I wanted the sevcires after the expiration date, I would have to pay extra money. If this had happened once, than it would be understandable..but twice is more than a little suspicious. When I finally reached living social after three days of trying, they were less than helpful. I explained that it appears the spas had no interest honoring the coupons, i was quoted the policy regarding appointment availability by one monotone customer sevcire rep after the other. Living social had no interest in my complaints and made clear there was nothing I could do and no refund was forthcoming. When you think about it, when would a 2 person spa be able to accommodate hundreds of coupon customers? In my opinion, this is a scam and I for one will never purchase one again nomatterhow good it sounds!

Business Writer

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