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April 20, 2012


Evonne Perfect

Bankruptcy Court is desperate need of reform not encouragement. The problem is well known but ignored and unresolved. The trustees and members of the courts police themselves . It is often reported that illegal unjust actions go with no accountability for abuses, illegal activities, invasions of privacy, illegal kickbacks and other illegal actions go uncontrolled. Frm Att. General Ashcroft spoke out against the corruption in the bankruptcy court system, but the corrections in bad behavior has, so far, gone unanswered. I have observed one trustee disregard the law and try to circumvent laws, commit perjury, work in collusion on cases with attorneys and banks, get illegal kickbacks, file numerous frivolous cases wasting taxpayer dollars. He worked to suppress evidence and illegally invade the privacy of many to gain unrelated evidence,tried to defame the victims he created through his abuses. In addition, this trustee built cases with no factual evidence, subjected private lien holders to a different and more severe set of rules which were not even based, supported or legally enforced by the law . The "set of rules" were not the set of laws the banks are subjected to . I saw him go on a rampage through the lives of his victims. I observed, firsthand, the very same abuses the Frm Att General Ashcroft spoke about in his report . I have read numerous blogs and done countless hours of research into the problems of corruption being rampant, but no one is helping to clean it up. This is not a system we need to support and reward but one we need to address and correct. The poor should not be victimized nor should the public. The current system rewards the trustees first for ringing up bills in legal fees and pays them first out of anything they seize illegally or otherwise. Each appeal means larger legal bills and more money for the trustees. Whether it is factual or has grounds does not matter, it is the pay that does . Eventually through enough appeals and collusion, I observed some trustees are able to run the public out of money and themselves into a larger paycheck. These actions result in taxpayer dollars being tied up and spent in respone to some of the trustees. This the way the system is run now. With millions applying for bankruptcy each year, the corruption in this court system by some of its members has a huge impact on many lives. 60% of bankruptcies are caused by medical bills .Most of those declaring bankruptcy were middle class that, fact alone ,means it could happen to anyone- even you , a family member or someone you know. We need to reform the courts and its members with accountability for illegal actions, enforce strict rules for abuses and stop the self policing. You or someone you know are only one illness or accident away from possibly falling victim to bankruptcy.

J Alexander

$16 million for judges -- that's a real problem in a $4 TRILLION budget. Good thing we can raise filing fees on people who don't have any money to cover it. Otherwise we might not be able to cut taxes for rich people. Oh, wait, we do that regardless of whether we're running a big deficit.

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