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April 11, 2012


walking tall

Does it bother anyone that we are all ONLY going to see an estimated 1,500.00 each out of "3.4 BILLION" dollars? 1,500.00 is more than my bills are for ONE month, Less than the ave. 5,000.00 I get back every year for income taxes. Who is being blinded again? We can not see clearly... For so long the "White Eye" provides us with the blinding glasses.
Walking Tall

Alanna	Allen (Orr)

They will never take our pride,,,,,,,,,,,,,I am kickapoo,and so proud of it

Alanna	Allen (Orr)

Took our land ,civil rights,oil ,mineral rights,and our money,if we were to do as the goverment has,we would be locked up.

Martin C. Brown

I am a member of the Blackfeet Tribe and as a member of that nation, it is my belief that this is just another ploy by the U.S government to bow smoke up our butts We as a nation will be extremly luckey if our great grandchildren see any of this money. I know that the the U.S Government says and does means nothing. Look at the history.To date the U.S Govermnent has signed over 1,000 trearies and broken 999 of them. I'm 58 yrs old this crap will never be settled in my life time. Like my grand father said in 1965. I'll beleive it when the check comes in the mail

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