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April 11, 2012


Sekhar Sompalli

Stupid ignorant people who support feld and animal cruelty really need to shut up. I wish just once an elephant would grab the bull hook and strike your dummies on the head. Look at the pictures of electrocution of baby elephants. Are you people dumb and blind?

Sekhar Sompalli

To those idiots who say elephants are not abused look at the videos taken of Barnum and bailey circus trainers beating the elephants with bull hooks. Unless you are blind you cannot say there is no abuses. Animals are not here for your entertainment. Elephants are not made to stand on their heads and balance on stools for you to clap at. Stop being cruel and ignorant

Shelley Powers

Oh, by the way...

For those claiming that Feld doesn't abuse the elephants, Feld Entertainment was just fined $270,000 by the USDA for egregious violations of the Animal Welfare Act about said elephants.

Shelley Powers

Bayleigh, HSUS was not part of the original lawsuit.

Interesing--Feld doesn't know what it wants. It wants fees paid, but then it filed a RICO, and now it's saying that the only aspect of the RICO it's interested in is recovering fees--which probably has the judge scratching his head, wondering if there's anyone home in the Feld Entertainment headquarters.

But then if the organizations spend a lot of time and money fighting off Feld's frivolous RICO case, will they get their money back by demanding that Feld reimburse them for legal costs?

Feld needs to wake up and realize that the days of circuses where animals are routinely tortured, are over. But if it wants to continue fighting this in court, where the case ends up in the news, again and again, hey--it's their corporate image.


No, DC, there was no determination that the elephants are not abused: "The judge didn’t reach the merits of the claims regarding any alleged abuse of elephants."


There are many others out here that supports the rights of the Feld Corporation. The H$U$ only agenda is to destroy all animal entertainment and all of animal agriculture and its time they were brought to their knees. Sue them for the 20 million and another 20 million for distress you have been put through. ASPCA and PETA you are next. We all love the animals we raise and train and its not abuse when the animals love to do what they do. Thank you Feld Corp. For standing strong for all of us in the animal industry........


Kate, you may have missed the point of this case. It turns out the elephants are not abused and people need to stop saying things that are not true that cause others to incur losses (including the elephants)because it is a crime to do so. True animal caretakers will understand that if the circus closed, the elephants would suffer loss of their families, caretakers, livelihood and meal tickets. Being laid off is dangerous for working folk, human or not.

Kate Kenner

What is wrong with you people? are you the ones who go to see the elephants who are abuse and made to perform? I am one of those animals rights people and I find selfish people like you disgusting and confirms what I think of most of the human race which is that they are self centered and lacking in an sense of ethics.

A Facebook User

BRAVO, FELD! I hope they get fully reimbursed and that the racketeering case nails these "animal rights" charlatans. These fringe groups are a tiny minority of our society, and yet, they scream the loudest that they have millions of supporters--NOT!! Their "propaganda mill" BIG LIES [see Alinski's 'Rules for Radicals'] need to be exposed for the society-undermining prevarications that they are.

charlie domino

They should absolutely be held accountable for court fees as well as time and defamation of character. Perhaps they should also have to pay for wasting govt money and the court's time as well!


The court should make them pay all the bills they have the money


I am so happy to hear this! I hope the judge makes them pay every dime.

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